Monday, October 24, 2005


Yay, I now have a bunch of links on the sidebar! It took me long enough to figure that mess out...and to get site addresses for a bunch of them. But, now it's done, until I decide to add more ;). Now all I need is to get links to my blog so people will read it, other than the few who've already seen it.

'til later!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Whaddya mean, it's only October?

So, a year ago today, I was freezing my patooties off in Ohio, with only a fleece Incubus hoodie to protect me from the occaisonal sleeting that we received while wandering the Ohio Renaissance Festival, the 4 of us huddling under any lined cloak we could find. And lo, is it not only 60 outside right now? I guess it is warmer than yesterday,'s still not really all that warm, and it's only technically been autumn for a month now. No where near winter yet. Hell, I'll be 24 before it's technically winter. 'Course, this is Indiana...don't like the weather? Just wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

Anyways, it's time to change the topic. Enough talking 'bout the weather. Let's talk about what I did today. I went Xmas shopping. Yes, you read that right. Xmas shopping. In October. So, now I have Katie, Gena, Stephanie, Ellie, and Aerine out of the way, and part of E's gift taken care of, too. I almost got Jenny something (since I was at Hot Topic for most of this), but I figured she and E have enough sheets, since I think that'
s almost all they got for their wedding. So, we'll see what she gets. It probably won't fit in the cool boxes that most people are getting, though. Hmmm....I hope I got everyone's sizes right....

Ok, next random topic. I feel sorta special, since the only people I told this blog about were Jenny and Ellie at the time of formation, but from Jenny's blog and a comment I gave on Katie's, I've had about 8 comments so far, from 4 different people. So, people have found my blog. Yay. I suppose I could tell more people, but I don't re
ally know how interested people are in my random-but-boring life.

So, last night I realized I had a message on my cell phone. I had thought it was just Laurie, since she had called my house before I got home from work, but when I listened to it later, I didn't recognize the phone number. For the first few seconds of the message, I thought it was a wrong number, but then I heard the way the voice on the other end pronounced "kitten" and I was like, "Yay, it's Aerine!!!!" Turns out she has a kitten that needs a home for about a year, until the time she can graduate and get an apartment of her own that will aloow pets, and she was hoping maybe I could take it. I th
ought about it, and talked about it a bit with my brother, but in the end, I came to the conclusion that my house is no longer kitty-friendly. Too much junk everywhere, and really, no room to put a litterbox. This, of course, disappointed my brother, who was starting to ike the idea of a pet in the house. I felt really bad, cuz Aerine must really need a place to call me, but I told her Jenny and E might be able to handle it...maybe. I dunno how their apartment/pet situation is anymore, but I do know that they are currently cat-less and they do like cats. But now I just want to visit Aerine again. But I don't know when I'll be able to do that. I know she has a blog...I wonder what it is (hint, hint, Jenny).

Anyways, I guess it's time for me to end this ramble, but, I'll end it with a random pic, to get everyone in the mood for the pumpkin from last year.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Aftermath......

Ok, so I survived my very cold weekend without a jacket of any kind and a very flimsy ren outfit, but now I think I'm coming down with something. Damn natural karma. But the weekend was fun, so it's all good, just as long as I don't take any deep breaths. What did we do, you ask? Well, let's see...after I arrived in Anderson we tried to eat tacos, but those shells were pretty nasty, so we ended up with something along the lines of "chipless taco salads" as Jenny put it. Then I made them watch the first disc of Nadesico, and Jenny went to bed. I stayed up and played around on their X-Box with Ernest for a bit, then by myself, and then I went to sleep on the broken couch. Next morning I got up with them and helped with their rummage sale, then we went back and ate lunch, the suited up and drove to Fishers. At the Renfest we saw some SCA re-enactors do a bit of fighting, and one of the guys actually got a little hurt. He got clubbed on the back of the head, even though he was wearing a bunch of armor. I didn't get a pic of him... After the fight, Ernest got a pic of us with one of the fighters in full armor. As you can see, there I am to the back and the right of the knight, with Jenny next to me, and Jenny's mom and sister on the other side. Yay for pictures. After the fight, we went over and watched the "Royal Falconer", although I didn't get any good action pics of the birds. I did get some at the end, when the birds were posing. And I do mean posing. The peregrine kept lifting up its wings for those of us taking pics. Wasn't he cute! Gah, that stupid word has found it's way into my vocabulary, and I can't get rid of it. Anyways, the entire time we were there, I was sorta halfway looking for Ellie and Ceiledgh (that's probably not how it's spelled, I'm sorry!) since we were supposed to meet them, but they hadn't called. Turns out they were there the entire time, and had just lost mine and Jenny's cell numbers. After playing a bit of phone tag (you're it!) we met up with them and ate dinner at a Wendy's. They headed back to Hanover, and we headed back to Anderson. We watched another disc of Nadesico and went to bed so we could go to church in the morning. I know what you're thinking, and amazingly enough, no, I did not burst into flames upon entering the building. Since Jenny just got a job as glorified secretary at Central Christian Church in Anderson (a Diciples of Christ church) she wanted to actually attend a service. And since E was going to, I didn't really want to be left at their apartment alone. I had never been to a DoC service before, but it was essentially a Methodist service to me. Except that the minister/pastor/whatever the title was a woman. I don't think they do that at Methodist churches. But I could be wrong. Anyways, the minister called Jenny up toward the beginning of the service and introduced her to the congregation, and she in turn introduced E and myself, the visitor from far-off lands. Trust me, if you've ever tried to get anywhere from Evansville, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. After church we went back to the apartment and watched a third disc of Nadesico, and then played a bit of Halo 2, me and Jenny vs. E. Jenny and I actually won once. It was exciting. The E's dad and sister showed up, and after looking at a bunch of pictures, that saintly man invited me to go to dinner with them and paid for me! So after dinner, I went back to their apartment to pick up a few last things, and was lured back into the world og Halo 2 for another couple of rounds before leaving at 9 pm. Waaaay too late for an almost 4 hour drive, but oh well. It was tons of fun, though, and someday I'll have a group of days off from work so's I can do it again. Here's hoping for that!
Hmm.....I guess that's it for now....till later!

Friday, October 07, 2005

A weekend of revelry awaits....

Well, that was quick! I feel that since I'll actually be doing something halfway interesting in the next few days, I might as well feed your inevitible jealousy. Tomorrow will be quite a day for me, and Saturday even more so. You see, tomorrow, after I finally wake up, I'll be going on over to the west side of town for my last foray into the world of deep fried foods on a stick, for this year at least. What am I talking about? Only the second largest street festival (in terms of the number of people who attend) in the United States. The Fall Festival. if you're interested. Yumm... Anyways, after that, and after cleaning out the rolling trash bin that is my car, I'm headin' on up to the bustlin' ville of Anderson. Yeah, I know, you thought I was doing something exciting. Hey, I ain't staying at home, so it's exciting to me! But, really, after spending one night hanging out with a couple of my friends (who I'll get links to their blogs later), and helping them with a rummage sale so they can pay their rent, we're going to Fishers for a Renfest. Woo, the excitement is tangible. We'll meet some other friends there, some who are still trapped at the alma mater, and have a rip-roaring time, or at least a good one. Maybe if you're unlucky, I'll take some pics and post them here, mu-whahahahahaa.
But, yeah, how's that for something different!
Until later!

A Blog is born

Do you hear that sound? That wailing, keening cry of something realizing that it's trapped on this plane of existence until Fate lets it go? Those are the newborn cries of this baby Blog, the closest I'll ever get to giving birth (please, any god listening, let that be true!).
"Why?" you ask. Why has this monster been brought into the world? Because everyone else has a blog (or an LJ, or a webpage), and I was feeling left out. So that I would have something to do when feeling bored, or something. So I could have a place to post pictures and make a list of links and to bore any poor soul who comes across this blog with the rantings of my college-deadened mind. Oh yes, and to show off Ellie's wonderful title, since my broken brain couldn't think of anything as beautiful as that collection of GRE words. And it's so appropo, too. Hell, is that even how that word is spelled? I really do think my brain is broken!
Oh well, anyways, moving on. We'll see how long this lasts, whether or not I ever post anything again. I should, don't say "apathetic mind" up there for nothin'. So, we'll see.
Until the Muse hits me with a frying pan again, here's me signing off....or whatever.