Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And the Lord sayeth unto me, "Build a fucking boat!"

It's true. Yesterday I left for work early (about 45 minutes early) so I wouldn't have to bail out my car, and felt it would be stupid to move it to the end of the block for a half hour. The rain had stopped by that time, but you never know how much further the water will rise, since the storm sewers around here suck ass. My mom says it went down in about an hour. However, this morning around 9-9:30 my mom comes into my room and says I'd better get up and move my car before it floats away. So, I run out in my PJs and my brother's flip-flops, crawl in the passenger side and drive to the end of the block, come back inside, discard my wet PJs and go back to sleep. A while later (I'm not sure when) my brother took these pictures:

The water did rise some more, another foot or so, and has gone back down a bit, but it's still up, and it's 5:30 in the afternoon. My street will definately be on the local news, and may even be on the Weather Channel. Stupid outdated sewer system. At least this time there weren't any people canoeing down the street!