Monday, May 16, 2011

ACen Edit!'s been a bit since I posted my poll. I did not get as many votes as I'd hoped, but I more importantly ran out of time and ability to create anything meaningful. That being said, I did not cop out entirely. I really really wanted to do something from Hetalia, so, instead of trying to make a costume from whole cloth, which is very difficult for me since I cannot sew to save my life, I'm doing more of an homage to a character. I'll be dressed as America in "plain clothes" on Friday. I'll try to get a picture or so taken and posted if anyone wants.
I still plan on the schoolgirl for Saturday, and, as long as I think it will be worth dressing up on Sunday, BLEACH then. If I decide it's not worth it to dress up on Sunday, I will probably have a costume change in the middle of the day, from BLEACH in the morning to schoolgirl in the evening.
But, so, there's my update.

Maybe one of these days I'll update this blog with something other than cosplay ideas. :P