Saturday, September 20, 2008

All right. I'm currently in the home town, kinda getting ready to go to a high school friend's wedding. But before that, I'm gonna run out and eat some lunch, and visit my mom.

Yes, you read that right. I drove down on Thursday, a day earlier than my parents were expecting me. I didn't think it would be a problem, especially since I called home before I left. I should have called Wednesday night, but oh well. When I called, I left a message on the machine, figuring my mom was asleep or in the bathroom, and therefore unable to answer the phone. Which is kinda normal. When I was about 2 hours from home, I called again, to give a heads up. Left another message, still thinking similar thoughts. And I never expected her to call back and say "Ok, got your message, see you in a couple of hours." But. when I remembered an hour from their house that I left my keys to it in my apartment, I kinda got worried. What if she had stepped out or something? (not like I thought she really would, since she had fractured her ankle not too long ago, and was only now starting to go back to work) But, really, not that big of a deal.
So, I get there about 6:15 their time, see my mom's car is still there, and head up to the door. It's locked. Crap. Well, knock. I did. A lot. On the door, on her bedroom window, on the back door, all the while having a mini panic attack. What if she had a blood clot, and is laying dead in her bedroom, since my dad is at work?? When does he get home, anyway?
So, I hang out in the front yard, unwilling to leave in case my dad come home, all the while being eaten by mosquitoes. (my lower legs itch like crazy at the moment)
My dad finally gets home at about 7:40, after I've begun to change clothes in my car, since I had a bachelorette party to attend at 8. He says "Weren't expecting you til tomorrow." I reply that the bachelorette party is tonigt, and that I called this morning, but I left my keys, and Ma isn't answering the door or the phone. He says "Yeah, I'll explain when we're inside."
Apparently, my mother is in the hospital, as she had been throwing up for a while. Turns out she had a bowel obstruction at her hernia (that's what 2 c-sections will do to you), possibly since Monday. So, she went into surgery around midnight.
So, yeah, gonna go visit her again, before I bathe in preparation for my friend's big day.

What an exciting excursion!

On another note, I'll try to do some real blogging again, soon. I have a little meme-like thing, and VBG's photo thing is tempting. But I won't do that quite yet, since most of my pics are here at home, but I don't really have the time to mess with it right now.

Well, untill next time!