Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some random stuff, and more pictures!

Ok, so, random stuff out of the way first. If you haven't noticed on my sidebar, there's a new "person I know", Me. I now have a(n) LJ as well as this blog, so if you want quizzes, I'll be posting them over there.

I have recently purchased the Sims 2 for the PS2, if o
nly for the fact there's a 2 player mode.

For any and all of my friends that have worked retail (espe
cially the many of you who have worked at Michaels) I find this comic extremely true. If only we could hurt those kind of customers....

Ok, I think that's it for random right now,
so...on to PICTURES!! These are all from either Julie's bachelorette party (very few) or from Julie and Andy's wedding, so enjoy! (P.S. I had some witty stuff written to go along with these pictures, but the formatting messed it all up, so I decided not to fuck with it tonight. Any questions, just ask.)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quick update...with pics!

So, 2 weeks and a week and a half ago, I attended a couple of graduations. So, congrats again to Ross, for graduating from Bosse, and to Ellie, Aerine, and Heather for escaping Hanover. You know you'll miss the people, and you'll miss not getting thousands of phone calls asking you to consolidate your loans, or letters from Hanover saying "Now that you're an alumni, give us money!!" I know I do.

Anyways, as for what's up with me...I'll be going up to Indy this weeken
d for Julie's bachelorette party, followed by her and Andy's wedding, so as long as my dream last night doesn't come true (where I was running late and forgot my camera, among other things) I'll be sure to take a couple of pics and post them later.

Til then