Saturday, September 22, 2007

2 weeks

All right, I have been working now for 2 weeks. I have a working phone, although it still has the answering machine message from when I used it last, which was senior year in college. I have an address, so deserving parties should be getting an email with such information soon, if you don't already have it. I have practically no money, even though I got paid on Thursday. (but since it was only for one week, it wasn't really enough, and the bad thing is, I won't get paid again until after rent is due, and the day before 3 other bills are due, and I don't have enough to cover all those until I get paid again....if I mail it the day it's due, does that still work??)

I haven't actually been having problems getting up and getting to work, even though it's way too early for a night child such as myself. However, since I find it nearly impossible to go to bed before at least 11, if not midnight, I'm pretty worthless at work for the first hour or two. Maybe it'll get better, since I'm out of training now, and will be able to listen to music as I work now. Maybe. Since I can't bring in burned CDs or anything, and aren't allowed to sing, I may have some problems. We'll see. But, yeah, out of training, so we'll see how many times people have to come up and say to me "Hey, are you blind? That's not what that is, or where that is." I'm not sure I'm nit-picky enough for this. But, this will probably be all I write for the job. You get no particulars, ever. Sorry, but it's out of my hands.

As for other topics...for tonight, I can actually post a little, since I have the promised before and after pics of my apartment (which I'll put at the bottom). But...after this, I'm afraid I won't be very interesting for a while. After I get back from work, I don't leave my apartment. On the weekends, I leave to go shopping and do laundry. I have no idea who my neighbors are (or neighbor, since there's no one to the left of me). I haven't met that many people at work since training was just me, the trainer, and one other guy. And since I had to leave work early on Monday to meet the guy who would install my cable, all week I took 30 min lunches, instead of my hour, so I couldn't even bond with the few people I saw in the break room. And it's not like I'll bond a whole lot on my lunches anyway, since half the time I'm tempted to go back to the apartment for lunch, cuz it's cheaper than eating out, and doesn't require putting my name on things. I only did that once the first week, though. Who knows. But yeah, since I don't know that many people, it's not like I've got anyone to hang out with and go places with. So, I'm probably even more boring now than I was back home. Hopefully that will change, but it won't be for a few months. I need my time to get settled and comfortable before going "Hey! You seem cool. Will you be my friend?"

Hmm...I'm apparently feeling melancholy...maybe it's the remains of my headache. Anyways. Oh, I've got a library card for the county, and can get stuff sent from Cleveland, so that's cool. And I got a new bank, since HFCU doesn't exist outside of southern IN.

You know, that seems to be about it...oh! One weird thing...and maybe it's not that weird to other people, but it was weird to me. First, this town has very few grocery opportunities. There's Walmart, and a place called Buehlers'. That's about it. Especially near me. So, anyways, I went to B's last weekend and bought quite a lot. Well, about 5 plastic bags worth, I believe. Anyways, when I was finished checking out, my cashier handed me 2 large plastic cards (about the size and shape of thin-pack DVD cases) each with a series of numbers on them, both in different colors. No explanation, just handed them to me. And when I looked to the end of the lane I saw my empty cart. My just paid for groceries were gone. Into two large plastic bins the bagger boy slipped into a hole in the wall. Apparently, this place has a drive through grocery pick up. If you buy enough that you can't carry it out in your hands, they slip it down a line (with those metal rolly washboard looking things) and give you cards telling the guys working the line which bins are yours. Then they put it in your car for you. It was kinda cool, but confusing as all get-out, especially for someone new to town. They could have at least told me, when I obviously looked confused and lost. And the cashier was so efficient about the whole card thing, too. It just weirded me out some.

There are times when I think this town is very strange. Oh, and for all those I said couldn't visit until I had a bigger place...I suppose you can visit, as long as you visit in very small groups or don't mind getting a hotel, since I think I'm gonna stick with this tiny place until my lease runs out, and hopefully by then I'll have saved enough that I'll feel comfortable getting a larger, nicer place. And a cat. Cuz there's definitely no room for a cat in here now. And if that wasn't a segue, I don't know what is. So, here's the pics, and me signing off for the evening. Mata ne!

P.S. The big white expanse with nothing on it in pics 3 and 9 is my bed. Yay for a Murphy bed. Or not. I want a thicker mattress!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

So, here I sit, in my absolutely tiny apartment, in my newly assembled chair at my newly assembled (though only partway helps if the holes pre-drilled into the metal supports are actually large enough to screw in the provided screws!) desk, using stolen wireless to blog. I should have non-stolen internet, cable that won't be shut off 6 days after moving in, and "digital phone" on the 17th, so hopefully I can blog then. And supply interested parties with a phone number. I may even put up before and after pics of the TA (tiny apartment), if I feel so inclined. I start work tomorrow bright and early, so we'll see if I want to run screaming and crying "back home again".

I'm not feeling that typative (as opposed to talkative), so I shall end with a congratulations to the bibliophile, who succeeded in getting her promotive job, and who also starts that tomorrow. Congrats again!

Anyways, till next time,

Mata ne!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

They're coming to take me away!

All right, so I've been bad, and busy, and haven't updated at all since I got back from Chicago, or even once I got back from Clarksville/Anderson/Bloomington, but...this is all you're getting. Yes, I have pics on my computer. No, I'm not going to upload them now, since I should have been asleep 2 hours ago. But, since I'm to be moving away, I should be blogging more, so I suppose that could be a good thing. Or a really bad thing, since these tend to be rambles with no coherent plot. But, until I get my new pad all hooked up and "off the heezee" as kids these days say, I shall be internetless, and therefore no blogging goodness for you.

Wow, I need sleep, I got an 8+ hour drive tomorrow!

Til I am once again connected!

Mata ne!!