Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a quick note...

I feel that since just about everyone else I read has posted today (not just because a few of them are NaBloPoMo-ers), I should post, too. But what? The weather's 'bout that? A couple of days ago it was nice, and today it was sleeting a little on my lunch.

Ok, posting duty done. (sorry, I'm being distracted by the TV)


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anybody got a light?

So, I've been prodded lately to post again, most likely with the pictures I took a couple of weeks ago. But, since those are still trapped in my camera, I'll save them for another day. Instead, I will talk a little about my yesterday.

When I moved into this apartment, and went through the move-in checklist, I know my dad checked whether or not any of my lights were burnt out. I think we established that one of the 4 ensconced above the bathroom mirror was out (or, if we didn't, one was). Anyways, that was no big deal, it's a small bathroom. Either earlier this week, or sometime last week, upon waking up and heading to the bathroom, when I switched on the light, I heard a *tink* coupled with a small flash. Crap, one of the bulbs blew. Oh well, I've still got 2 working bulbs, and it's not too much darker than it was before. I can live with this for a bit, though I may need replacement bulbs at some point.
Well, Saturday, it happened again. *Tink* and a flash, and all of a sudden my bathroom is quite a bit darker, as only one bulb is working, and it's way over to the side nearest the wall. "Hmm, I think I need to get replacement bulbs, then", I think to myself. So, I shower in the half-light, and go about removing the glass covering to the lights (with them turned off, thankyouverymuch), and realize that there are 4, and only one was working now. Oh well. I take out the 3 dead ones, and attempt to check to make sure I pulled the right ones (though they were cool to the touch). *Flip* Nothing. Nada. Still darkness. Welp, burned that one too. Now I definitely need replacement bulbs, as there is no light in my bathroom, and definitely no windows.
So, I bought new bulbs (the "Reveal" kind, that are slightly blue, as to be more natural) and installed them, and now my bathroom is eerily bright.

Other than that, I went to the library, made brownies, and today did laundry. I almost feel productive. I think it's that extra hour I got. Now I'm on normal time, or something. Although home's still an hour off from me.

Anyways, thanks for visiting "Tiny Apartment Land"!

Til next time