Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a couple of quick things...

First, I had a lot of fun last Saturday at Evilducky's Independence Day party (her independence from her now ex ;)). We did henna, drank, talked, beat up a bull pinata, and attempted to play some games. It was loads of fun.

Second, today was my last day of Michaels servitude. I let people hug me, since other people are huggers, even though I'm not a big fan myself. But, yesterday, Karen, the woman who teaches the cake decorating class, made me a cake. She definitely deserved a hug from me, even if the cake has pink on it.

Tomorrow, we drive up to Chicago for some hang-out time, so I won't be blogging. (as if I do, anyways) Hopefully I'll blog for you when I get back, complete with pictures if I remember to get more batteries.

Now, I must pack and bathe.

Later's, y'all!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

One more week! about 3 and a half. But, one more week of Michaels servitude. And's "drive all over the freakin' place" time. Since I gotta visit people and all that jazz...swing? Rock? Jpop??

Would you like to hear my schedule?? (pronounced shed-you-ull) Well, too bad, cuz I'm gonna lay it out for you anyways.

  • Aug 15th--Last day in Craftland/Hell.
  • Aug 16-19--Chicago to visit J-dog with VBG, the bibliophile, rabidmonkey, and evilducky. This was, well, not really planned per se, but conceived of before I even applied to Ohio (I think). Also, will most likely stop by my grandmother's on the way home to raid her basement of unused cookware and stuff.
  • Aug 21--Taking my brother back to college, that place we almost didn't think he'd make it back to.
  • Aug 22--To Clarksville to visit Aerine and Billy before the leave for Florida.
  • Aug 23-?--Head up from Clarksville to Anderson to hang with Jenny and Ernest for a while, and see Katie before she moves back to Chicago. Hopefully, there will be some Ellie visiting in there, too, and possibly a trip to Bloomington.
  • I'll probably head back to Eville round the 28th or so, but that may be dependent on when I run out of clothes or something.
  • Aug 29(?)-Sep 3--PACK!!! (and clean)
  • Sep 4--load up both cars (as long as my dad has those 4 days off) and head to Wooster with the folks, so we can get me an apartment and some furniture (I mean, I'll need a futon and a table).
  • Hopefully I can come back for Xmas, but I don't know if I'll be able to get enough time off to visit everyone...though Anderson can be kinda on the way, I guess...

But, yeah, that's how my next few weeks are looking. Exciting, ain't it?