Tuesday, August 22, 2006


You've got to watch this! And any of the Mac spoof commercials by the same people.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm so crafty!

Well, not really. Here's the story:

Around Christmas this last year I decided that the pile of CDs next to my CD player/radio on top of my dresser was getting a little too tall. At least 5 or so inches of CD on top of CD, no cases. Just sitting there. So, I thought, it may be time to put them in their cases and put them away. But then I realized, I've burned so many CDs from the library and off mp3s I've downloaded that I'd still have about 3 inches of pile unless I wanted to find and put them in the thin cases the blank CDs came in. But I hate the thin cases, because you have to pull them out one by one to see what CD it is. So, I thought I'd hit Target and see what CD case/wallet things they had on clearance. I ended up finding a couple that were kinda cool, and like $5 a piece. I figure, someday I'll move out, and it may even be easier to put all my DVDs in something like that, too, and just put the regular cases in storage bins under my bed. Anyways, the CD wallet things I got were black boxes, with 6 folders each with a label and pull (kinda like old card catalogues, just not yellow wood). But, I was really looking for something with a dragon on it, or something. So, I got the bright idea of painting (stamping, really) a cool dragon in read or something on these plain black boxes. So, I searched at work for a cool dragon stamp. No luck. I ended up with an asian stamp set, and 3 colors of metallic paint. For the record, I bought the paint and stamps on January 16. And did nothing with them.
Now, fast forward to this last Sunday. Some of my friends here in town are much more crafty than I am (even in that wiley kinda way), and they had decided as a kind of last hurrah for the summer (since one of them is an English teacher at our alma mater) to have a "crafting party", complete with chocolate fountain. Here I was, at a loss. It would be cheating to just go for the hang out time and the chocolate fountai
n, but I can't craft! Then I remembered. I do have that box. Maybe I can do it there. It's not like I'm ever gonna get around to it otherwise. So, I took it and played in the paint. Here's my finished box.

I really like how the square side turned out. :)

Also at the party another friend had henna as her craft, so I got a bit of henna work done. Not too much, though, since I didn't wa
nt to answer too many questions at work. ;) If you'll notice, it's the same as one of the stamps on the box. According to the stamp package, it means "wisdom", but one can never be too sure.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your foray into "crafty Sharon land".


Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm not dead!

...although I do feel a bit like the undead (shuffle, shuffle).

So, what have I been doing since my last post? Swimming. Er, I mean, let's see. A couple of weeks ago I went and picked up Ellie at Aerine and Billy's place (and therefore got to hang out with the aforesaid couple, as well as Bird and Bijou) and then drove up to visit with Jenny and Ernest. Up there, we went to a band competiton (it was ok, just a little warm) and finally got to go to the Children's Museum in Indy to see the dinos. Yay dinos. We also got to see the Fireworks of Glass display, which was pretty cool. Oh, and we got to eat at Ellie' restaurant, the 3 Sisters' Cafe, which had a lot of stuff my veggie friends would eat, too. Um, the next weekend was my family reunion, so I got to see a bunch of relatives, some of which I haven't seen for a very long time (like my cousin Esther) and eat watermelon and too much food in general. Cuz that's what family's about. Eating too much off the dessert table. :)

Hmm...otherwise, I haven't really been doing too much. Just working and sleeping and watching anime on Youtube. The exciting life I always lead. ;)

Hmmm....I should probably get dressed and stuff for work now, so...until later!